BP Invigorate

BP Invigorate helps keep you car running younger for longer.

Cleans and Protects


All gasoline contains a detergent, but all detergents aren’t alike. Invigorate takes detergency to a new level of performance and gives all three BP gasolines—Regular, Silver and Amoco Ultimate—enhanced cleaning power.

• A unique formula from BP Research
• Cleans fuel injectors and intake valves
• Invigorate technology is proprietary to BP
• Amoco Ultimate contains the highest concentration of Invigorate for maximum cleaning power
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Over time, performance-robbing deposits can build up on intake valves and fuel injectors, and combustion byproducts can react to form engine sludge. BP gasoline with Invigorate fights both. A corrosion inhibitor also protects your fuel system.

• Helps keep critical engine parts clean
• Reduces build-up of sludge that can block oil passages
• Helps protect fuel system against corrosion
• The protection starts with the first fill-up
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14 Ways to Help Your Car

How can you help your car run younger for longer wherever you go? Here are 14 easy ideas.
Less hesitation

Tip #1: BP gasoline with Invigorate fights performance-robbing deposits on intake valves and fuel injectors. So your new car can retain more of its new car performance – and your old car can get some of it back.*

Tip #2: Get regular tune-ups. A tune-up can improve your car’s performance.**
Improved MPG

Tip #3: A clean engine burns fuel more efficiently. And BP gasoline with Invigorate cleans critical engine parts. With continuous use, it can even restore some of the fuel economy your dirty engine parts were stealing.

Tip #4: Believe it or not, gas mileage usually decreases at speeds over 60 mph. So observing the speed limit can save on gas – and speeding tickets! Use your cruise control on long trips to keep your speed in check.***

Tip #5: Inflate your tires properly. Not only will this improve your gas mileage, they’ll also last longer and give you a safer drive.***

Tip #6: Car pool. What could be more fun than driving around with your friends?
Lower emissions

Tip #7: BP gasoline with Invigorate cleans critical engine parts so your car burn fuel more efficiently, sending fewer pollutants into the air (compared to dirty engines).* ****

Tip #8: Lighten up, already. Take out unnecessary items in your trunk. And if you have a removable roof rack you never use, take it off. All of this can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.***

Tip #9: Combine trips. Cars release the most pollutants when they are first turned on, before the engine is warmed up. See if you can park in one spot and do several errands at once.***

Tip #10: Turn off the car***** – if it’s safe to do so! It’s better to turn off the engine and restart a few minutes later than to let it burn fuel while idling.***
Smoother acceleration

Tip #11: For cleaner starts, smoother acceleration with less hesitation, and an overall improved driving experience, try BP gasoline with Invigorate.*
The right gasoline

Tip #12: All gasoline contains a nitrogen detergent, but all detergents aren’t alike. BP gasoline with Invigorate takes detergency to a new level of performance with a unique formula that helps your car run younger for longer.

BP gasoline with Invigorate is the best lineup of gasoline BP has ever offered—better for your car, better for your driving experience and, because it can help reduce exhaust emissions, better for the environment.

Tip #13: Try any of the three BP gasolines —Regular, Silver or Amoco Ultimate. All three clean and protects fuel injectors and intake valves, and also protect against sludge and corrosion, making your old gasoline feel so last year.*
Clean car

Tip #14: Give your car regular washes. This will also help protect from body damage caused by heat, bugs, emissions, salt and even the effects of time. And to help keep critical engine parts clean, use BP gasoline with Invigorate.

*With continuous use
**According to bnl.gov
***According to fueleconomy.gov
****Compared to a dirty engine
*****When it is safe to do so