Cleans and Protects


All gasoline contains a detergent, but all detergents aren’t alike. Invigorate takes detergency to a new level of performance and gives all three BP gasolines—Regular, Silver and Amoco Ultimate—enhanced cleaning power.

• A unique formula from BP Research
• Cleans fuel injectors and intake valves
• Invigorate technology is proprietary to BP
• Amoco Ultimate contains the highest concentration of Invigorate for maximum cleaning power
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Over time, performance-robbing deposits can build up on intake valves and fuel injectors, and combustion byproducts can react to form engine sludge. BP gasoline with Invigorate fights both. A corrosion inhibitor also protects your fuel system.

• Helps keep critical engine parts clean
• Reduces build-up of sludge that can block oil passages
• Helps protect fuel system against corrosion
• The protection starts with the first fill-up
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